Thursday, March 4, 2021

Episode 47 - "We've Got Randomoids" #1 - Short Trips: Prime Winner / Dalek Empire III: The Demons

Welcome to the inaugural "We've Got Randomoids", where we use the Randomoid Selectortron to choose two random Big Finish releases to review. This could be anything from Doctor Who to Torchwood, Blake's 7 to Space 1999. The Randomoid Selectortron will decide...

This time we review the following releases:

Doctor Who - Short Trips 6.2 - Prime Winner

Dalek Empire III - Chapter 4 - The Demons 

Check out the Randomoid Selectortron for yourself. 


Philip recommends All of Time and Space (podcast)

Dwayne recommends Diddly Dum (podcast)

Thanks to Hayden Gribble from the Diddly Dum podcast for arranging Uncle Terrance to join us. 

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