Episode List

91. TOM PRICE - I'm Somewhere On The Cover
90. Multi-Doctors with Randomoids - The Four Doctors and The Light at the End
89. ANDREW SMITH - Star Cop
88. Big Finish 2021 in Review
87. AK BENEDICT - Horror & Heartbreak
86. YASMIN BANNERMAN - Crossover Queen
85. The Ninth Doctor - Lost Warriors and Other Galactic Funk
84. TIM FOLEY - Topical Writing & Other Relaxing Deadlines Vol. 4
83. Sapphire & Steel - Daisy Chain by Joseph Lidster and Remember Me by John Dorney
82. SEÁN CARLSEN - From Time Lord Heel to Gallifreyan Babyface
81. JON CULSHAW - First Impressions
80. JAN CHAPPELL - Read My Mind
79. Russell T. Davies on Audio - "Damaged Goods" Review
78. JONATHAN MORRIS - The Write Stuff
77. Eleven Lost Resorts
76. JASON HAIGH_ELLERY - Executive Decisions
Bonus Episode - The Return of RTD to Doctor Who on TV and What This Means for Big Finish
75. BENJI CLIFFORD - Wired For Sound
74. Audience Feedback & Blake's 7 - The Armageddon Storm - REVIEW
73. SALLY KNYVETTE - Fighting The Federation, Saving The Planet
72. Reviews: Big Finish Releases - June - August 2021
71. BILL BAGGS - Audio & Visual
70. STEPHEN GREIF - Memoir of a Space Commander
69. ELLIOT CHAPMAN - A Sailor's Tale
68. PAMELA SALEM - A Passage From India
67. SCAREDY MORBIUS - Randomoids V - Attack of the Selectortrons
66. KROTONS | ZARBI | AXOS - Slight Returns with SUKY KHAKH from Progtor Who
65. CHRIS THOMPSON - Listen With Your Eyes
64. KATY MANNING - Wild Thymes
63. Jago & Litefoot 8 | Randomoids IV - The Phantom Selectortron
62. LISA BOWERMAN - The First Big Finish Hero
61. The Pod Catchers with DAN HADLEY from the Type 40 Podcast
60. SADIE MILLER - The Return of Sarah Jane Smith
59. Cyber Star Men - Randomoids 3 - The Return of the Selectortron
58. GARY RUSSELL Part 3 - "I Want Chris Chibnall's Job"
57. PAUL SPRAGG - His First Interview
56. SOPHIE ALDRED - "Wicked!"
55. JOE SIMS - Seven of Mark
54. Turlough & Torchwood // Randomoids 2 - The Selectortron Strikes Back
53. ANNETTE BADLAND - Behind The Mask
52. GARY RUSSELL Part 2 - Being The B.O.S.S. At Big Finish
51. ROBERT VALENTINE On Doctor Who: The End of the Beginning and Master! starring Eric Roberts
50. The Big Finish Introduction Agency
49. MILES RICHARDSON - The Many Lives of Irving Braxiatel
48. GARY RUSSELL Part 1 - The Early Years
47. "We've Got Randomoids" #1 - Short Trips: Prime Winner / Dalek Empire III: The Demons
46. PETER PURVES - No Regrets
45. KEN BENTLEY, The Director's Cut
44. NEV FOUNTAIN Interview
43. ROLAND MOORE In Conversation
42. A Tribute to DOUGLAS ADAMS
41. Masterful - A Review plus bonus short story Doctor Who : Perception Filter by Dwayne Bunney
Episode 40 - The Big Finish 2020 Retrospective and Awards Show
Episode 39 - 20th Anniversary of Storm Warning and the Debut of the Eighth Doctor for Big Finish
Episode 38 - Jubilee and The Angel of Scutari
Episode 37 - Writer LIZBETH MILES on The Grey Man of the Mountain and More
Episode 36 - The Tenth Doctor & River Song and Time Lord Victorious: The Minds of Magnox
Episode 35 - Actress JANET FIELDING on Tegan's Return on Audio, Peter Davison Antics, Her New Book and Giving Back for Charity
Episode 34 - Jago & Litefoot Writer PAUL MORRIS on Writing for Big Finish, the Curse of Cancel Culture and Other Galactic Funk
Episode 33 - Scary Stories and Super Creepies
Episode 32 - JANE SLAVIN on Tom Baker, Writing, Saying Yes To Everything and Making Accidental Friends
Episode 31 - JOHN DORNEY - Actor, Writer, Script Editor Part 2
Episode 30 - JOHN DORNEY - Actor, Writer, Script Editor Part 1
Episode 29 - DOMINIC GLYNN on Composing & Remixing for Doctor Who & Beyond
Episode 28 - NABIL SHABAN on Life, The Universe & Big Finish
Episode 27 - OUT OF TIME 1 - Dwayne & Philip discuss the new 10th and 4th Multi-Doctor Story
Episode 26 - KATHARINE ARMITAGE on Her Debut Big Finish Story "Displaced"
Episode 25 - FAITH STEALER (8th Dr, Charley, C'rizz) Discussion With Chris Thompson From Eaglemoss Hero Collector
Episode 24: Special Guest LOUISE JAMESON (Part 2) on Writing, Directing & Producing Audio Drama
Episode 23: Special Guest SCOTT HANDCOCK on Doctor Who, Torchwood and More
Episode 22: Special Guest LOUISE JAMESON (Part 1) On Her Acting Career and Playing Leela on TV and Audio
Episode 21: Guest BOB FLEMING From Progtor Who on Spare Parts (5th Doctor and Nyssa)
Episode 20: Interview with Author ROB VALENTINE on "The Lovecraft Invasion" & "Shadow of the Sun"
Episode 19: "The Abandoned" and "The Trouble With Drax" (4th Doctor reviews)
Episode 18: Brave New Town and Wirrn Isle (8th Doctor and Lucie Miller reviews)
Episode 17: Time in Office (5th Doctor review)
Episode 16: The Wrong Doctors (6th Doctor review)
Episode 15: Finding Neverland with Guest RICHARD SMITH from Something Who Podcast
Episode 14: The Fabulous ADAM RICHARD Vs The Fabulous New Counter-Measures
Episode 13: Guest NICHOLAS BRIGGS on The Human Frontier
Episode 12: Understanding Being Understanding with Guest CHRIS CHAPMAN
Episode 11: A Lesson in Saying Something Nice with Guest BRENDAN JONES from Flight Through Entirety Podcast
Episode 10: Dipping Our Toes Into Tom Baker and the Fourth Doctor Adventures
Episode 09: Kaldor City - A Retrospective
Episode 08: Interview with director JOHN AINSWORTH on Cry of the Vultriss (A 6th Doctor, Flip & Constance Adventure)
Episode 07: Review with Guest MARK COCKRAM from Nerdology on The Kingmaker (5th Doctor, Peri & Erimem)
Episode 06: Guest Author HELEN GOLDWYN On Subterfuge (7th Doctor)
Episode 05: The Chimes of Midnight by Robert Shearman - REVIEW
Episode 04: Eldrad Must Die! by Marc Platt - REVIEW
Episode 03: Guest JOSEPH LIDSTER on The Reaping (6th Doctor and Peri) and His Other Work
Episode 02: Guest STEPHEN WYATT - Author of The Psychic Circus (7th Doctor)
Episode 01: Review of The Sirens of Time by Nicholas Briggs and a Brief History of Big Finish

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