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REVIEW: Doctor Who - The Secrets of Det-Sen by Andy Frankham-Allen

Released August 2021

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One of the great joys of the Early Adventures is hearing the original cast in all their glory. Peter Purves was just honoured during the Queens platinum celebration for his years of service and in this story we see how much he deserved that honour and how talented he still is. 

A story contrivance in the second Doctor story “The Abominable Snowman” is the Doctor needed to return a holy relic to the monastery at Det-Sen which he had taken years earlier for its protection. That unknown adventure is brought to life by Big Finish in this prequel. 

Writer, Andy Frankham-Allen is the creative director for the Haisman Estate who own the rights to the Great Intelligence and the Brigadier. Although his name appears in the production credits of a number of shows he has only written a couple of previous stories. But that doesn’t mean that this story isn’t terrific. 

We might have expected a high octane action adventure, and although there is action, this is far more of a character piece. Actor Lauren Cornelius is first introduced to us as the recast Dodo and what a  splendid job she does. Dodo has been a bit maligned in fan history but there is nothing weak about this characterisation. Lauren plays beautifully off both Peter Purves’ Stephen and his charming Doctor. Although a small cast, everyone is performing great work and there

Is a real intimacy amongst the characters. 

Director Lisa Bowerman as always gets the best from the cast and once again she uses the rhythm of speech to drive the action. 

Most of the Abominable Snowman is missing presumed destroyed. But The Secrets of Det-Sen goes a little way towards reopening a part of the world that has been lost. It does it through great atmosphere and fun story telling. 

Philip Edney

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