Thursday, August 25, 2022

123. HEATHER CHALLANDS - "Go To Your War Room!"

This week we celebrate the release of Gallifrey: War Room 1 - Allegiance with producer Heather Challands. We chat with Heather about her love of Doctor Who and how she came to be working for Big Finish, and we hear some of her insights about the work involved in producing Doctor Who on audio. 

Gallifrey: War Room 1 - Allegiance can be purchased from

Philip recommends The Mutoid Podcast -

Dwayne recommends the most recent single from Machines of Indeterminate Origin, This Ship Rights Itself/Reckless -

M010 are making this two track download available with all proceeds going to support Ukranian refugees and also Amnesty International’s continued push for better gun laws internationally, especially what has happened (again) in the USA.  

This download is setup as ‘name your price’, so consider what you would like to give to these charities, all proceeds, split evenly, go to them.

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