Wednesday, April 22, 2020

9. Kaldor City - A Retrospective

This time we take a look back at the incredible series Kaldor City, produced by Magic Bullet Productions.

Kaldor City is based on characters created by Chris Boucher for the Doctor Who TV adventure The Robots of Death and the BBC Books novel Corpse Marker.

All of these adventures are available to purchase from

David Collings reads Corpse Marker, available on Audible.


Theme music by Husky by the Geek.

Background music by Tristram Cary, taken from Devils Planets, The Music of Tristram Cary.

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All clips and music are copyright Magic Bullet Productions, BBC, Tristram Cary and Big Finish. No infringement is intended.

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  1. Kaldor City is such a great compilation. Total kudos to Magic Bullet on it.