Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Episode 23 - Special Guest SCOTT HANDCOCK on Doctor Who, Torchwood & More

Our special guest for this episode is Big Finish writer, producer, director and script editor SCOTT HANDCOCK. 

He speaks with us about how he came to be so heavily involved with Big Finish, his involvement in various ranges such as Bernice Summerfield, The Confessions of Dorian Gray, Doctor Who & Torchwood, and much, much more...

Featured releases:

Doctor Who - Time Apart

Torchwood - Save Our Souls

Doctor Who: The Sixth Doctor And Peri Volume 01

The Confessions of Dorian Gray

Dwayne recommends: I Love The Bones of You by Christopher Eccleston (Audiobook)

Philip recommends: Flight Through Entirety (Podcast) & The Happiness Patrol Remixes by Dominic Glynn (Music)

Theme music by Husky by the Geek.

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