Saturday, January 23, 2021

REVIEW | Torchwood : Coffee by James Goss

While Torchwood follows the action surrounding a small group of people working in a secret base in Cardiff Bay, what about the other people who might live and work in the area?

After all, the rift was responsible for what ultimately led to an awful lot of very loud explosions.

Coffee follows the life of Ianto Jones through the eyes of a Cardiff Bay cafe owner and one of his staff. From a nervous recruit on his first day and following the events of Ianto's time with Torchwood, we see one of our heroes through the eyes of people just like us to discover Ianto is, just like us.

James Goss delivers his trademark expansive storytelling with incredible attention to detail, ensuring that both fans of the TV series and the more casual listener alike will connect with the world of Torchwood like never before.

Gareth David-Lloyd excels, proving again how much this actor cares for his character, even varying his accent depending on where the story is set in his timeline.

This is a worthy start to the Torchwood monthly range for 2021.

You can purchase Torchwood: Coffee directly from the Big Finish website.

Dwayne Bunney

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