Thursday, April 8, 2021

52. GARY RUSSELL Part 2 - Being the B.O.S.S. at Big Finish

We continue our discussion with founding Big Finish producer and director Gary Russell on the early years of Big Finish, talking about projects such as the Gallifrey and Sarah Jane Smith series, as well as the creation of Evelyn Smythe, played by the lovely and sorely missed Maggie Stables. 

Part 3 coming soon. 

Next time on The Sirens of Audio... Annette Badland discusses her career, and her work with Big Finish, 16 years after her debut TV appearance in the Doctor Who universe in 2005's Aliens of London.  (I know we said 21 years during the show, that was Philip's fault for not doing his maths properly and Dwayne's fault for believing everything that comes out of Philip's mouth.)

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  1. I throughly enjoy your work and the acting talent you have Gary I have not seen you at a convention since the year 2007 and that was the Blake,s Seven and Dr Who event in Bedford if I am correct I hope you are keeping well and I hope we may one day meet again in the future