Thursday, August 19, 2021

70. STEPHEN GREIF - Memoir of a Space Commander

In the first of a series of forthcoming Blake's 7 themed episodes over the next couple of months, we are privileged to be joined by the actor who played Space Commander Travis in series 1, namely, Stephen Greif. 

Stephen talks in-depth about his upbringing and what drew him to acting, his time at The Old Vic and working with Sir Laurence Oliver, the appeal of recreating Travis on audio for Big Finish, plus, his strong views on the culture wars and how it has affected the entertainment industry. 

Thank you Stephen Greif for joining us for this episode. 

Included are snippets and trailers from the following audio releases:

The Worlds of Blake's 7 - Avalon Volume 1

Blake's 7 - The Liberator Chronicles Volume 10

The World's of Blake's 7 - The Clone Masters

Philip recommends Blake's 7 - The Liberator Chronicles Volume 10

Dwayne recommends Doctor Who - The Wheel In Space (BBC Audio plus Loose Cannon reconstruction)

Next time.... Bill Baggs joins us to talk about his fandom journey, his audio and video productions, and the re-launch of the BBV website. 

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  2. Great to hear this episode, thank you. Really enjoying your podcasts, and learning a lot from them. I think 'The Wheel In Space' is only available on When I clicked on the link, it routed me to the Audible (Australia) version with an error. Just letting you know.