Saturday, September 25, 2021

Bonus Episode: The Return of RTD to Doctor Who on TV and What This Means for Big Finish

With podcasters and YouTubers scrambling to make content around this earth-shattering announcement, we were no exception and wanted a turn too!   

Despite our focus being mainly on the audio adventures of Doctor Who, we feel the TV series and events surrounding it have a flow on effect to Big Finish in one way or another.  

Here are some of our thoughts.   

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  1. I agree that the general audience (often termed "the casual viewers") is crucial. The hardcore, obsessed fan cult is important, but it is relatively small compared to the non-fans who dip in and out of it---and dip out permanently if they don't like the way it's going. Russell T Davies will bear this in mind, I think, as he did in 2005-10. And as RTD loves Big Finish and saved it in '05, I think it will be safe in the future.

    Also agree about a Zagreus style 60th anniversary where all the actors who have played the Doctor could appear as different characters, as a way of including the older Doctors who no longer look as they did when they played him.