Thursday, October 7, 2021

77. Eleven Lost Resorts

Our guest host for this episode is Kenny Smith, editor or Big Finish's Vortex magazine, and host of the Power of 3 and Pieces of Eighth podcasts. 

We review two recent Big Finish releases, the 6th Doctor Boxset called The Eleven, starring Mark Bonnar as the eponimous time lord with multiple incarnation disorder, and a 5th Doctor boxset containing stories that were originally intended for the monthly range, The Lost Resort and other stories. This set notably wraps up the "Marc Arc", Marc being a companion to the 5th Doctor who joined in the monthly range story Tartarus, which was set not too long after the tragic departure of Adric. 

Philip recommends Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical, Cinderella

Kenny recommends the album Yes by Pet Shop Boys

Dwayne recommends The Skin trilogy from Wireless Theatre Company

Theme music by The Jackpot Golden Boys |





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