Thursday, March 31, 2022

101. The Fourth Doctor Solo Adventures

Kenny is on the team again this time as we examine Doctor Who - The Fourth Doctor Adventures - Season 11 - Solo. The two stories in the boxset are Blood of the Time Lords by Timothy X Atack and The Ravencliff Witch by David Llewellyn. -

Not only do we have Nerys Hughes in her first appearance as new character Margaret Hopwood, we have the final appearance of James Dreyfus as The Master. 

We have a lot to say. 

Philip recommends 42 To Doomsday (Podcast) -

Dwayne recommends Disgusted, Mary Whitehouse (BBC Radio 4 Documentary) -

Kenny recommends The Doctor Who Show (podcast) -

Hear Kenny's recent interview with Paul McGann on the Pieces of Eighth Podcast -

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