Thursday, May 26, 2022

109. Maundering Melkur Madness! ...Ish & The Guardians of Prophecy Reviews with writer JONATHAN MORRIS

This month our review stories as chosen by the big Finish Randomoid Selectortron are both Sixth Doctor and Peri adventures. They are:

Doctor Who - ...Ish by Phil Pascoe - 

Doctor Who The Lost Stories - The Guardians of Prophecy by Johnny Byrne adapted by Jonathan Morris -

As a special treat we are also joined by writer Jonathan Morris to talk about how this sequel to The Keeper of Traken came to be part of The Lost Stories range. 

Philip recommends Principle of Charity (Podcast) -

Dwayne recommends The Silver Sky by Tannith Lee (BBC Radio Play from 1980) -

Theme music by Joe Kraemer |



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