Thursday, May 19, 2022

108. Project: Forge | New Interview with Writer MARK WRIGHT

Join us as we explore the clandestine intelligence organisation known as "The Forge". First appearing in Project: Twilight in 2001, The Forge cemented Cavan Scott and Mark Wright as one of Big Finish's powerhouse Doctor Who writing teams. 

We are joined once again by Kenny Smith from Big Finish' Vortex Magazine and Pieces of Eighth podcast, to dive deep into the dark worlds of this group that has been woven throught the fabric of early Big Finish history. 

We also share our interview with writer Mark Wright, discussing the process of writing and what plans they had in the works for the future of The Forge. 

This episode contains major spoilers for the following stories and we advise you listen to them prior to delving into the podcast:

Doctor Who - Project: Twilight -

Doctor Who - Project: Lazarus -

Doctor Who - Project: Destiny -

Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles - Project: Nirvana -

Doctor Who - Short Trips - Twilight's End -

To conclude we get Kenny's report from the most recent Big Finish event held in the UK. 

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