Thursday, June 16, 2022

112. Urgent Autumn Omega - What Is The Perfect Run Time For Doctor Who on Audio?

This time we are joined by our friend Alicia from Canada, who began both her watch of the classic series of Doctor Who and her exploration of the Big Finish audio range in 2019. 

What is it like for a new fan coming in to explore the massive Big Finish catalogue for the very first time? 

Alicia picks two of her favourite 1-part episodes and an old classic to talk about, and we discuss the question of whether or not there is a perfect run time for a Doctor Who story on audio. 

Find out more about the stories we discuss here:

Urgent Calls by Eddie Robson (plus the preceding 3-part adventure I.D.) -

Circular Time: Autumn by Paul Cornell and Mike Maddox (plus the surrounding single episode adventures) -

Omega by Nev Fountain -

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