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REVIEW: Doctor Who - After The Daleks by Roland Moore

Released August 2021

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It has been debated over the years whether the Daleks are truly the most evil creatures in the galaxy or could it be that the humans who seek to use the Daleks to subjugate their other humans are far more evil?

This issue is examined in part in the engaging script “After the Daleks” by Roland Moore. 

This story follows the aftermath of The Daleks Invasion of Earth. The Doctor in a romantic but nevertheless foolhardy action has deserted his granddaughter on a war-ravaged Earth with absolutely nothing, not even a pair of shoes. 

Susan is forced to make the best of the situation and does at least have the beginning of a love match. But before that can blossom there is going to be a fight for survival. Can those that have survived the Daleks survive without technology? Can they learn to grow and harvest food to feed the masses? Can they re-establish a form of government that can fairly rule the people?

It is this political intrigue that forms the backbone to this story and Susan, at first unwilling, must step up into leadership roles or allow another, with the backing of a Dalek, to rule the planet. 

Carole Ann Ford is excellent in this story bringing the youth, joy and fun of Susan and slowly developing the strength required to lead a planet. More Susan please! And it is lovely having  Sean Biggerstaff as David. We are use to Sean whopping up the comedy in the Jenny series but here he shows what a serious actor he can be. The rest of the ensemble are equally excellent bringing a real sense of threat and danger to the story. Lisa Bowerman as director doesn’t hold back any punches as she lets the darkness of the script bleed through. 

After the Daleks is very “Survivors” in feel and I think Terry Nation would have been proud of the coming together in tone of his two shows. 

One thing is certain. The early adventures have gone from strength to strength and really allow original cast members to show what great actor they are and what their character could have been. 

A must listen!

Philip Edney

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