Sunday, September 11, 2022

Review | Missy and the Monk by James Goss, Johnny Candon and James Kettle

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I am not sure there is a more delightful pairing at Big Finish at the moment than Missy, played by the delectable and unpredictable Michelle Gomez and the Monk played with charm and self deprecation by Rufus Hound. 

These two are hilarious together and you never know what they are about to do or how they will play the lines they are given. The situations they move through are often absurd but yet the listener is engaged in every ridiculous plot and scheme. Verging constantly on madness there is still always threat through the humour and yet you just keep warming to them. The audience is left in the dilemma of not wanting them to succeed and yet, you do. 

The madness starts with Body and Soulless by James Goss. How Mr Goss has managed to write so many scripts this year that hit it out of the park is beyond me. His trademark humour is present throughout as Missy starts the story with just the Monk's brain - kept in her carpet handbag. A cross between crazy Mary Poppins and the Brain of Morbius these two threaten the existence of an entire planet as they play out there life taking games. 

Johnny Candon’s first script for Big Finish, War Seed allows for a bit more sanity as Missy has something to prove - which she just can’t manage. 

And once again James Kettle shows what a great story teller he is in Two Monks, One Mistress. Set in Renaissance, Italy it is the perfect place for the Monk and a Nun. When timelords cross timelines fun and disaster follow. Gemma Whelan enters the mix with panache. 

This box set is so much fun but will make you feel guilty while unable to keep from smiling. Joe Kraemer's music and sound design is spectacular and as always director Ken Bentley gets amazing performances out of all his cast. Looking forward to hearing what comes next. 

Philip Edney

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