Sunday, September 4, 2022

Review | Torchwood: Curios by James Goss

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A curio is a rare, unusual or intriguing object. And with this story, Torchwood gets a new curio added to the range. 

James Goss is the master story craftsman when it comes to Torchwood and with Curios has once again managed to switch tones and time zones. Set during the 2nd World War, important artefacts were sent down mines to protect them from the bombs and hide them from possible invasion. But there is much in the Torchwood archives that should never be touched. And more down the mine than anyone is expecting. 

One of the creepiest characters to be created for Torchwood is Bilis Manger. Putting him deep underground, in the dark, makes him creepier still. And as usual Murray Melvin performs Bilis with a servility that drips evil. You can’t hate Manger but every scene he is in leaves you feeling more and more uncomfortable. An amazing performance.  But his performance is backed by all the cast, especially Rosie Baker. 

Scott Handcock, as always, has directed the story perfectly and it has a similar feel to Hitchcock’s Psycho. A cast of characters with dark pasts, secrets and an atmosphere of foreboding. 

Expect to be scared. 

Philip Edney

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