Sunday, December 11, 2022

137. Sarah Jane Smith | Series One | 20th Anniversary Special with Gary Russell, Jez Fielder, Sadie Miller, David Bishop and Peter Anghelides

Sarah Jane Smith is usually top of the list when it comes to Doctor Who companions. In 2002, Big Finish released the first of two series of audio dramas featuring Elisabeth Sladen in the iconic role before she appeared in Doctor Who on television in the episode "School Reunion". 

We celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series with all new conversations with director Gary Russell, actor Jez Fielder, writers David Bishop and Peter Anghelides, and an archive chat with Sadie Miller. 

You can now purchase the entire audio series from Big Finish here -

Archive material of Elisabeth Sladen was taken from Big Finish Magazine: Issue 2, realeased in 2002 and available for FREE here -

Sarah Jane Smith Series 1 theme music by David Darlington

Original theme composed by Joe Kraemer |



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