Monday, June 19, 2023

REVIEW: Daleks! Genesis of Terror

There has been some discussion on the value of releasing a story in this form. But now that I have listened to Dalek! Genesis of Terror I find this story fascinating! 

For those who love the behind the scenes of Doctor Who this is for you. We get to hear what Terry Nation handed over to Robert Holmes and the magic Holmes did. Though to be fair it had a lot more magic in it than I was expecting. 

I bought the LP of Genesis of the Daleks when I was about 12 (many decades ago) and have listened to it hundreds of times. To hear the line changes, the character advancements etc was extraordinary. 

I’m not usually a fan of narration in Big Finish stories but this is the stage directions of Terry Nation. It’s a bit like being at a table read through. And Nick Briggs' clear but straight reading adds to the documentary style. 

The cast are wonderful. Tom Baker’s voice has aged from that LP recording of nearly 50 years ago but his enthusiasm for playing the Doctor is clear. Sadie Miller as always plays her Mums role of Sarah well. This has been my favourite performance so far of Christopher Naylor as Harry Sullivan. He captured how Ian Marter could be brave, protective, a bit misogynist but always loveable. 

Supported by Samuel Clemens who brings the malevolence of Nyder perfectly and Terry Molloy who retrospectively brings Davros back to our ears.  

If you want a typical Big Finish play this isn’t for you. But if you want a behind the scenes examination of one of the best Doctor Who stories ever and how it evolved you couldn’t ask for more.

Philip Edney

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  1. Great review as always Philip
    I had the cassette version of Genesis of the Daleks purchased from the Blackpool Exhibition many years ago I too could quote it word for word.
    It was fascinating to listen to the differences
    I also really enjoyed the Philip Hinchcliffe interview some good insights into one of my favourite eras