Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The Sirens of Audio: The Story So Far...

The Sirens of Audio is a new podcast that focuses only on the audio universe of Doctor Who.

It features reviews, recommendations and discussion.

Frequent guests include fellow fans, podcasters, and others involved in the production of audio adventures.

It is available from Apple PodcastsSpotifyAnchor and your favourite podcatcher.

Here is a rundown on the episodes we have put out so far:

Episode 12: Understanding Being Understanding with guest (writer) Chris Chapman - A closer look at the May 2020 Monthly Adventures release, Scorched Earth, with an in-depth discussion with writer Chris Chapman.

Episode 11: A Lesson in Saying Something Nice with guest Brendan Jones - A positive look at some of the least popular Big Finish Adventures, namely, Nekromanteia, The Dark Flame & Dreamtime. Brendan Jones from the Flight Through Entirety podcast and Say Something Nice YouTube series helps us with this one.

Episode 10: Dipping Our Toes Into Tom Baker and the 4th Doctor Adventures - Just what it says on the tin, taking a look at the stories Shadow of the Sun, Purgatory 12, Wave of Destruction & The Justice of Jalxar.

Episode 9: Kaldor City - A Retrospective - A review of this incredible series from Magic Bullet productions, set on the world of The Robots of Death and featuring the political exploits of Commander Uvanov and a character who may or may not be our very own Kerr Avon from Blake's 7....

Episode 8: Special Guest John Ainsworth (Director) on Cry of the Vultriss - Our in-depth review of the April 2020 Monthly Range release and interview with director John Ainsworth, a long-term contributor to Big Finish.

Episode 7: The Kingmaker with Guest Mark Cockram - Mark from the Nerdology podcast is our guest this time and he reviews one of his all time favourites in the Big Finish range and chats about his podcast too.

Episode 6: Subterfuge with Guest Helen Goldwyn (Writer) - A closer look at Big Finish monthly adventure #262 released in March 2020 with writer Helen Goldwyn.

Episode 5: The Chimes of Midnight - In which your host waxes lyrical about his favourite audio play of all time.

Episode 4: Eldrad Must Die! - Featuring a review of this Marc Platt classic and some pretty emotive commentary about the state of some quarters of fandom.

Episode 3: The Reaping with Guest (writer) Joseph Lidster - Always ready for a good chinwag, Joseph talks about The Reaping, how he got into Big Finish, Sapphire and Steel, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Episode 2: The Psychic Circus with Guest (writer) Stephen Wyatt - Our first ever guest on the Sirens of Audio, the lovely Stephen Wyatt, talking about his February 2020 Monthly Adventures release, The Psychic Circus, a prequel to The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.

Episode 1: The Sirens of Time - A look back at the origins of Big Finish and the very first official Big Finish Doctor Who audio drama released in 1999.

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