Friday, October 16, 2020

Episode 29 - DOMINIC GLYNN on Composing & Remixing for Doctor Who & Beyond

Our special guest this episode is Dominic Glynn, composer of incidental music in Doctor Who between 1986-1989, and arranger of the theme music for season 23, or the Trial of a  Time Lord season.  

Dominic's arrangement is currently used for the majority of the 6th Doctor Colin Baker's Big Finish audio stories.  

Dominic discusses his early musical influences, how he came to be working on Doctor Who, and what he has been up to in the intervening years. 

Music clip from Doctor Who: Vengeance On Varos Soundtrack by Jonathan Gibbs. 

Clips by Dominic Glynn played during this episode were: 

Doctor Who Theme - Radio Gallifrey Edit (The Gallifrey Remixes) 

The Trial Theme - Ravalox Remix (The Ravalox Remixes) 

Dragonfire - The Mark of Kane - L.I. Who Remix (The Ravalox Remixes) 

Survival: The Cheetah People -The Master Remix (The Ravalox Remixes) 

Happiness Will Prevail - Remix (Doctor Who: The Happiness Patrol Remixes) 

Planet of The Cheetah People (Survival Soundtrack) 

...and somewhere else, the tea's getting cold (Survival Soundtrack) 

All the above clips by Dominic Glynn are available to stream on Spotify or buy on iTunes. 

Red Dwarf clip taken from series 8 episode 6 - Pete Part 1. 

Philip recommends the EPs of Dominic Glynn. The Gallifrey Remixes, The Ravalox Remixes & The Happiness Patrol Remixes. (Music) 

Dwayne recommends Blake's 7 - A Rebellion Reborn (Audio Drama Series) 

Theme music by Husky by the Geek. 



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All clips and music are copyright Dominic Glynn, BBC and Big Finish. No infringement is intended.

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