Saturday, October 17, 2020

REVIEW | Doctor Who -Time Lord Victorious: He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not, by Carrie Thompson

Big Finish's first full cast foray into the Time Lord Victorious super arc takes the 8th Doctor into a reasonably (or dare I say refreshingly) simple but thoroughly engaging story.

The Doctor is sounding tired. I don't know if this is a result of recording remotely, thus not having the studio energy to bounce off other actors, or whether this is intended to portray the weariness of a Doctor continually being forced into a war he wants no part of. Whatever the case, Paul McGann is as incredible as ever, his voice as honey to the ears. He even gets a chance to try some different voices during this play.

The supporting cast are good with the western style situation allowing for some humour. The situation does leave itself open to the inevitable criticism of English cast trying to do American accents, even though much of the guest cast is American. 

Writer Carrie Thompson has done a fine job and I love her quirky sense of storytelling first seen in the short trip “The Second Oldest Question”. You must check that story out if you haven't already. I can see why Carrie was chosen to introduce the new and strangest character of this piece.

The stand out part of the story was undoubtedly the introduction of the Ood assassin Brian. We've seen servile Ood. We've seen insane Ood. We've even seen Oracle Ood. Now we get a chance to experience a psychopath Ood. Silas Carson is obviously relishing the chance to play a member of this race in a new and unique way and he is simply a joy to listen to.

Director Scott Handcock has done a wonderful job putting this together despite the challenges lockdown brought to it.

I am so looking forward to hearing how this story continues.

Purchase this story directly from the Big Finish website.

Dwayne Bunney

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