Thursday, April 29, 2021

55. JOE SIMS - Seven of Mark

It is our privilege to welcome Joe Sims as our guest, who stars alongside David Tennant and Tom Baker in Doctor Who: Dalek Universe, a 10-part epic audio adventure that premiered in April 2021 with prequel Fourth Doctor story "The Dalek Protocol" and the first part of a 3-part box set series featuring the Tenth Doctor, all under the banner "Dalek Universe".  

Joe speaks passionately about his acting career including his breakthrough television part in Broadchurch, and he speaks in depth about working in the audio medium.   

Philip recommends Doctor Who: Planet of the Spiders (audiobook read by Elisabeth Sladen)    

Dwayne recommends Daleks: The Destroyers (audio adaptation by Big Finish)

Listen to Dwayne's guest appearance on The Doctor Who Show - Primary Sources.

Dwayne appeared on the All of Time and Space podcast this week, talking about classic series 2 episode, The Rescue.

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